The Method

The Auto Talent Co-Op is not to be led and managed by an individual but rather by a coalition of forward-thinking, creative people.

The core mission of the coalition is to identify and document auto career paths, organize training and recruiting and to have trained, qualified employable people available to the auto trades industry.

Participants can be volunteers or sponsored by industry manufacturers, distributors, vendors, etc.

The coalition will use their own personal experience or that of the seasoned industry members who sponsor them. This Co-Op must be revolutionary in its approach to recruiting, training and career paths.

The 3 unique but interdependent core pools or Action Pods at the center of the Co-Op. are; Career Paths, Recruiting and Training. The next 2 make the Co-Op a “must have” and “be sustainable”, and will come into play later.

Each of the 5 pods begins with 5 team members per pod.

Each pod contributes ideas and guidance for an app that participants in auto use to communicate with each other and the Co-Op hub. The vision is for an app that engages the current and future automotive talent population.