Overview of Auto Talent Co-Op

The intent of ATC is to seek out and recognize the great work of all the existing groups and help synchronize the best practices in the industry to benefit all stakeholders.

This auto talent co-op is not a threat to what exists today in the universe of auto.

All existing & future associations, 20 groups, business development groups, vendors, shops and all other members that touch auto remain independent and autonomous. The fact is; all of these groups are essential to the success of the Co-Op and benefit their own group by volunteering a member or funding a member to an action pod.

The Auto Talent Co-Op is not to be led and managed by an individual but rather by a coalition of forward thinking creative young people. Individuals are selected and sponsored by the industry manufacturers, distributers, vendors, trainers and association members of the Co-Op. The core mission of the coalition is to identify and document auto career paths, organize training and recruiting and to have trained, qualified employable people available to the auto trades industry.

The young coalition will need the experience of the seasoned industry members who select them. The coalition members will need to learn from their sponsors and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that currently exists in the field of auto. This Co-Op must be revolutionary in its approach to recruiting, training and career paths.

There are 5 unique but interdependent core pools or Action Pods at the center of the Co-Op. The first three pods are; Career Paths, Recruiting and Training. The next 2 make the Co-Op a “must have” and “be sustainable”.

Each of the 5 pods begins with 5 team members per pod. The 25 initial staffers are each sponsored by auto industry members either by volunteering the member or funding the member. The size of the pods will adapt to the size of the tasks within the pods as the process develops and matures.

Industry segment leaders will sponsor the forward thinking members from their current teams and to allow those pod members to invest 1 hour per work week into the Co-Op.

In practice it looks like this; For example Snap On Tools selects one of its bright young staffers from Human Resources to participate in the auto Co-Op in the Recruiting pod. That staffer invests 1 hour each week working electronically with 4 other staffers from other industry segments across the USA.

At each weekly web meeting the pod members share their progress on action items from the prior meeting. Each member does a reading report from what they read during the week relative to their pod’s role. The progress and reading develops new ideas for discussion then the group and individuals agree on progress for the next meeting. All weekly action is documented and shared with the other pods electronically.

The training, career path, ‘must have’ and sustainable pods operate the same but focus on their action pod’s core mission.

Each pod contributes ideas and guidance for an app that participants in auto use to communicate with each other and the Co-Op hub. The vision is for an app that engages the current and future auto talent population.

The Auto Talent Co-Op is an independent non-profit organization who’s vision is to effectively unite resources within the automotive industry, and establish clear career path standards for its users’.

ATC Mission

  • To build a synchronized and accessible platform, able to unite the automotive industry
  • Refill the talent pool for all automotive job related positions
  • Fulfill the technician shortage, and improve technician retention
  • Streamline career paths, bridge technician skills gap and improve recruitment