The Timeline

The need for this Co-Op has developed over the past 10+ years as society changed and the pool of candidates to fill Auto career jobs has dried up. There is a critical shortage of Auto career talent developing as the Auto trades’ men and women age out of the industry. There are too few talented people entering to fill those vacancies which will continue to widen the skills gap.

Our goal is to have a working app in the next 12 months. We believe this is achievable in 5 easy steps.

1) Recruiting – we are currently recruiting automotive professionals to become participants in one of our 3 core pods. Career Paths, training, and recruiting

2) Each pod will consist of 5 participants. A participant is someone who is a subject matter expert in their pod and is committed to meeting virtually at least once a week for an hour.

3) Collaborate – virtually once a week for 1-hour. Together pod participants will seek out and organize content for the app. This will be done by gathering and streamlining content from other.

4) Development of the smart phone application will begin once the pods have created sufficient content. 

Read more about main pods career paths, training, and recruiting, find out our method, or how you can help.

5) We will need to keep the organization sustainable by continuously keeping the content and training relevant and seeing monetary funds. The funds will be used to maintain the application, website up keep, education, and scholarships.