Auto Industry Career Paths

man working on car with red background

sample career path

In successful organizations people are hired to fulfill needs that add value. A job without a career path is just a cycle of the employer paying the employable for time served. Trading time for money is not the best investment in people or process. Career paths give people purpose and a view ahead.

With defined career paths, recruiting can effectively recruit. It is imperative that the Co-Op reach out and capture all of the career paths available within the field of auto. Consider service technicians of all skill levels, service advisors, parts techs, porters and the rest of the list. Then think of all of the possible auto career paths in collision, insurance, car rental, manufacturing and chain logistics. There are practically endless auto career opportunities.

The job of the Career Path pod members is to assemble & post the list of auto career paths in the app. The refined career paths will show prospects the training and growth requirements to move up the path to higher responsibility and pay. There are literally hundreds of career path opportunities in auto. Add behavioral science to the career path work and you develop a method for recruiters to match people’s behaviors to task requirements and the probability for long term success increases.