Auto Industry Recruiting

If strong recruiting strategy is developed by the Co-Op recruiting pod to attract and demonstrate career paths to current and future employable people for auto, a paradigm shift will begin and there can be a pool of highly qualified candidates long into the future.

We know that some good recruiting is being done in auto to reach young teens to help develop candidates for the auto trades but it is not geographically widespread. Recruiting for auto in general is not well done and there is no significant pool of candidates to draw from across the nation. There are the few high priced head hunters who simply recycle existing auto talent to make an income for themselves. The head hunter would earn an appropriate number of stars & live by their customer reviews on the app.

The benefits to the members of the Co-Op are that there is a central hub where career paths are defined, recruits are engaged and employable people are available to fill jobs in the fields of auto. Training naturally occurs throughout the process as employables advance along the career path. See a career path flow chart to see how training is embedded in every phase of the career path.

The employable population of the Co-Op show on the app’s “map” as a number and cluster in their core career group. A number system could be developed by the Co-Op’s “must have” and sustainable pods. It is envisioned that an active numbering method could be developed similar in some ways to a vehicle’s VIN which would designate what part of the industry the person is in, the experience, training and qualifications earned and some form of productivity score imbedded within the number. The short version of the personal ID number (PIN) and ‘ratings’ could be categorized as “verified” or “unverified” to inform a future employer of the depth that a pre-employment interview would need to be conducted. This should help establish where an employable is on their career path.

Picture a future employable person looking at the career paths available within auto that include the responsibilities, earning levels, growth paths including potential laterals to advance along the career paths. The career path information comes from the industry participants and is assembled by the Co-Op teams and posted on the app for the benefit of all who participate. The career paths are also used in recruiting and a foundation for training.

Recruiting could use a work style assessment similar to Burke, DISC or other tools to further vet candidates and match them to compatible roles and employers.

The initial members of the recruiting pod will identify the sources for auto talent and develop communications with parents of youth in grade school, middle school, high school, post-secondary schools and the military as a start. Other trades are likely to contain employables suitable to auto careers and the pod will need to experiment with whatever it takes to attract quality employables for auto.