Auto Industry Must Have

For the auto Co-Op be a relevant organization that adds value it must be a “must have” for everyone in the auto industry. It must also be sustainable over the long haul.

Every person, group and business that touches the universe of auto is spontaneously included in the Co-Op by virtue of the fact that they touch auto.

On the Co-Op’s app “map” of auto; everyone is included. Those who participate are not grayed out. The participants can search and share information.

The participants in the Co-Op include and are not limited to Auto technicians, Auto Shop Owners, Service Advisors, Parts Technicians, Front Line Customer Service people, Accounting in Auto, Auto Body Technicians, Estimators, Painters, Detailers, Porters, Body Shop Owners, Rental Car Staff at all levels, Vendors to all of the above, Schools and Trainers, ASE, ICAR, Tool & Equipment Vendors, Parts Vendors, Information providers like Alldata, Identifix, IATN, Insurance carriers and more. Every group and association like NASTF, ASA, ASCCA, CAA, Local/State/Federal regulators as they touch AUTO are also included and rated in the same way everyone else earns points and stars.

All participating members of the Co-Op start out with zero points and zero stars. As participants participate in recruiting, training and career path development they gain momentum. Points and a star rating similar to what is used by Google, Yelp, Amazon and other existing rating systems award the participants stars relevant to their level & quality of participation. There will likely be a natural competition to attain the most points and stars amongst the participants. It is fair to state that most of what the Co-Op will use as tools for career paths, training and recruiting already exists but is currently uncoordinated and underutilized.

Picture an employer within the auto Co-Op pinging the pool of employable people with a job opening using the app. The employable persons could view the offer anonymously (by PIN) and view the employer’s star rating & reviews that the employer has earned. The employable can see details of the job offer via the app including career path available, pay plan and then decide if there is merit to apply. An employable should naturally desire to work for highly rated employers. This should cause employers to up their game and be better rated employers.

The vision is to make participation in the Co-Op a “must have”. Each participating member would be challenged to get people, businesses & employable members to sign up (no cost is planned for any employable participant) and participate in the auto Co-Op. Envision each vendor/supplier/trainer/recruiter visiting his or her auto industry customers and promoting the need for each person touching auto to join the Co-Op through the app. The vendor could be listed as the ‘sponsor’ on the app and could earn points / stars for getting the member to join. The outcome could be competition towards becoming 5 star and the Co-Op would grow organically.