Auto Industry Training

Each career path requires specific knowledge and continuous education to enter and to advance along the career path. To this point, everyone engaged in auto needs to adopt a learning culture. Points and stars apply to all learning and are part of the auto app algorithms.

“An employer who adopts a training culture and offers frequent paid training to its employable people, earns points and rates higher than an employer who does not.”

The trainers provide training and scores the trainees through the app on their comprehension of the subject matter. The scores accumulate on the trainee’s “transcript” and the relevance of the training to the trainee’s role determines the value towards the role. Currency of training is also considered in the algorithm. Old training counts but has lesser point value and current relevant training that counts more. The trainee rates the trainer based on the perceived value of the materials and the quality of the delivery. The trainer is rated by the trainee within the app at the end of the training session. In this scenario, both trainers and trainees would strive to teach the best and learn the best to earn the highest score. It is the opinion of this author that CE training needs to occur not less often than monthly and contain a post training test which could reside on the app.

Within the AUTO app, employable people can be pinged on a recurring basis with questions about challenges faced in everyday work. The Co-Op’s software algorithms can alert trainers about training needs in geo referenced areas and training can be scheduled. The employable people and the shop or business can be automatically pinged with local training ops that address current and relevant needs and the learning and scoring cycle can continue.