Welcome to Auto Talent Co-Op!

It is no secret that there are not enough young or talented candidates entering the wide variety of Auto trades careers available today. You can point to the industry’s image, parent’s push for their children to attend college and academia’s focus on S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) career paths for their students.

It is also no secret that the current workforce is behind in training. Technology in autos today is advancing faster than training.

Let’s work together to solve this in a creative way.


Auto trades are S.T.E.A.M. careers.

Science in Auto includes electric vehicle technology, hydrogen power, fuel economy advancements, emission controls and much more.

Technology in Auto and it will make your head spin with all the projects dealing in infotainment, self-driving cars & safety systems like multiple air bags, lane departure, automatic emergency braking, backup and surround camera images in the cockpit. The list goes on and on.

Engineering in Auto takes the science and technology and turns it into functioning transportation.

Art in Auto includes the concept of tomorrow’s look and feel of the auto experience. Art is in marketing and in the reconstruction of damaged vehicles. Collision repair & painting is truly an art. Help the artist in your sphere of influence know about careers in auto.

Math in the Auto trades is in every phase of the science, technology, engineering, sales, financing and service segments. There’s money in math, Help the math person in your circle of influence understand the great careers in auto.

Teachers, parents, principals and guidance counselors please help the right students understand how they can prosper in the field of auto. Contact us today for the information you need.

The need for this Co-Op has developed over the past 10+ years as society changed and the pool of candidates to fill Auto career jobs has dried up. There is a critical shortage of Auto career talent developing as the Auto trades’ men and women age out of the industry. There are too few talented people entering to fill those vacancies which will continue to widen the skills gap.

There will always be Auto jobs regardless of the composition and motive power of tomorrow’s automobile.

The objective of this non-political and not for profit Co-Op is to create and maintain a centralized communication hub that is focused in the field of Auto; Recruiting, Training & Career Paths. Participation in the Co-Op has to be a “must have” for all who touch Auto and must be sustainable.

It is envisioned that the Co-Op starts as a local hub that matures then replicates. It then could become regional comprised of local hubs then progress to the State and National levels and potentially beyond. Auto has the same participants in each geo zone and they all have similar talent needs.

auto talent about ATC

The intent of ATC is to seek out and recognize the great work of all the existing groups and help synchronize the best practices in the industry to benefit all stakeholders. This auto talent co-op is not a threat to what exists today in the universe of auto.


auto talent career path

Career paths in the AUTO industry cover the spectrum from vehicle concept and design all the way through a vehicle’s service life to the end of service & recycling. Auto Careers are not just jobs, they have a growth path that will go as far as your desire, talent and training will take you. 


auto talent training and certification

The careers of AUTO have embraced a Learning Culture. You will enjoy the brain stimulating learning that will propel your future. You will use that knowledge to earn top industry wages. Training for the AUTO industry is exciting and never ending.


auto talent recruiting

Recruiting for the AUTO industry is about the search for the right people to do jobs they love and can do better than anyone else. You could say that ATC Recruiters are looking to synchronize a person’s Area of Destiny (AOD) with careers in the field of AUTO.


auto talent must have

Membership in the Auto Talent Co-Op is a “Must Have” for everyone in the field of AUTO. Employers, suppliers, trainers, recruiters & employable people feel the buzz of our industry. If you desire to be better than average you “Must Participate” in the Co-Op and help others climb the path to success in your AUTO career. When you listen to the heartbeat of the industry and do what you love …


auto talent sustainable

The Auto Talent Co-Op is a collective of AUTO industry people, businesses, groups, trainers, suppliers and virtually everyone who operates in the enormous space of the AUTO industry. ATC is sustainable because everyone attached to AUTO participates in the success of the Co-Op’s efforts to make the lives and businesses of the participants not only good but remarkable.